NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.





NYSPEP will be offering their next webinar, Ethical Practice for Parenting Educators, on February 25th at 11:00 a.m.

Parenting educators face challenging ethical situations on a regular basis. These challenges may include observing parenting practices that may be harmful to children, responding to parent remarks about their partner, or sharing information about a family with a professional in another agency. Some of these challenging situations may be resolved by reviewing general principles of good practice with a colleague or supervisor, while others may reveal a true ethical dilemma. This interactive webinar will offer a model for understanding ethical principles and a process for addressing ethical situations and dilemmas. It will include discussion of case examples and opportunities for practicing application of the model.

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North Country Holds Strong Roots Training

On January 17, 2020 in Plattsburgh, NY, the North Country held their Strong Roots Training on "Helping Families with Ambiguous Loss and Taking Care of Ourselves." There was a three hour presentation by Dr. Deborah Langosch, who is a LCSW, Trainer, Consultant and Psychotherapist from Brooklyn, NY, on this topic, an opportunity for learning, reflection and response for the families the participants served. Dr. Langosch discussed types of loss and trauma, aspects of ambiguous loss, the impact of opioid and substance misuse, coping, social media, culture, safe conversations, tools for support and self-care techniques. There were over 45 attendees!

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