NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.

NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential

Please direct all inquiries about the Credential to our Credential Coordinator at credential@nyspep.org

The Parenting Educator Credential defines consistent criteria for the knowledge, skills and experience needed by all parenting educators. Basic criteria are outlined in the Credential Brochure for Applicants. Credential competencies can also be found in the Credential Brochure for Applicants. Click on the link above to see the competencies.

Credential Directory

Individuals who have been awarded the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential are eligible to have their information appear in our Credential List by County 2017.pdf

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who works with families and facilitates the growth and development of parents through support and education- regardless of your work setting or job title.

Contact credential@nyspep.org to find out what sets the Parenting Educator Credential apart, and how it can complement or enhance other certifications.

Tier System

The four Tiers accommodate novice through master parenting educators, and each requires demonstration of increasing levels of competence.

  • Tier I NYSPEP-CPRA Certified Parenting Resource Associate
  • Tier II NYSPEP-CPE Certified Parenting Educator
  • Tier III NYSPEP-CSPE Certified Senior Parenting Educator
  • Tier IV NYSPEP-CMPE Certified Master Parenting Educator

Orientation: Prerequisite For Applicants

Orientations are listed on the Calendar as they are scheduled. A limited number of sessions are offered late Winter through early Spring, allowing applicants time to prepare for the annual submission in July. Announcements also appear in the NYSPEP eNews.

Orientations are delivered via live webinars. Leaders of agencies or programs who seek to have their entire staff apply, are welcome to contact credential@nyspep.org to ask about the possibility of an on-site Orientation.

The Orientation session details the core competencies, Tier system, and specific information about the application, submission, and review process. A brief Q&A session allows potential applicants to ask questions not covered during the presentation.

Application Fees

  • Tier I        $150
  • Tier II      $300
  • Tier III     $425
  • Tier IV      $525

Scholarships are not available at this time. Applicants are encouraged to seek financial assistance through their employer, community- or faith-based organizations, or online fundraising platforms.


Those who hold the Credential and do not advance to the next Tier, or have attained Tier IV, are required to renew certification every four years to continue holding the Credential. The first round of renewal applications are due Summer 2016. A minimum of 20 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) are required.

Renewal Fee

  • Renewal   $150


Please direct all inquiries about the Credential to the Credential Coordinator at credential@nyspep.org