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The New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) is a statewide cross-systems initiative designed to ensure all children grow up in nurturing families, by enhancing parents’ knowledge, skills and behavior. NYSPEP informs and supports close to 1,500 practitioners, program managers, researchers and policymakers to promote, provide and improve evidence-based parenting education. 

Parenting education is a core component of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen family and community approaches to healthy child development and help prevent child abuse and neglect. When the rate of indicated reports of child abuse is as high as 47/1000 for children ages 0-17 years in some counties in NYS, the capacity of families to raise healthy children and the cost to the larger community must be considered a public health issue. Effective parenting education programs have been linked with better physical, cognitive and emotional development in children; increased parental knowledge of child development and parenting skills; improved parent-child communication; more effective
parental monitoring and discipline; reduced youth substance abuse; and decreased rates of child abuse and neglect.

Your gift will help us ensure that New York's next generation of children will thrive through the education, support, and nurturance of their family systems.

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